Danish funding programs – market development

Fyrtårn (DK)

Program description:
Fyrtårn (Lighthouse) project is a demonstration project that establishes and demonstrates new environmental technology solutions at full scale. Projects typically involve several actors and help to foster cross-sectoral cooperation. Fyrtårn projects may combine several solutions and technologies and thus also demonstrate holistic solutions.

Typical grant size/Max. grant size: 7-10 MDKK / 25 MDKK (our estimation)
Subsidy rate: for SMEs up to 70% for industrial research and up to 45% for experimental development
Call frequency: Once a year

Green accelerator (DK)

Program description:
Companies can apply for a grant from EKF in the form of an export alliance to be reimbursed up to 80% of the costs of preparatory work, e.g. consultancy, legal advice and expert assistance during the process. green projects abroad. Projects must also support the green transition or adaptation by being green, for example by reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions or promoting energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Projects can also address food or water shortages.

Typical grant size/Max. grant size: 0.8-1.0 MDKK / 5 MDKK (total for all partners)
Subsidy rate: 80% for consortiums (70% for sole applicants)
Call frequency: 3 times a year