ELS – Eltronic Loading System – an innovative barge-to-jack-up vessel reloading system for WTG components

Funding program: EUDP (Energistyrelsen)

Project owner: Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S (ENABL A/S) and FORCE Technology

Date for approval: 10/12/2020

Grant: 9.844.221 DKK (Budget: 20.635.942 DKK)

Global House ApS assisted Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S (now ENABL A/S) by preparing the EUDP application for the Danish Energy Agency, managed the budget coordination/project plan preparation and uploading the application material through the EUDP portal. Global House was responsible for answering all questions during the “party consultation process” and was coordinator during the approval process and made the adjustments of the project to match the approval conditions.